The Power of the Web and Your Business


     So, I went to my monthly networking meeting the other week.  We met at a local watering hole in Atlanta and I met someone there who introduced me to a new idea. You know how I love a new idea. This gentleman told me about this broadcasting outlet online called Business Radio X. He said it is a way to market your business in an interview type format with several other local business owners. I though,”great idea, how do I get in on it?

   It really wasn’t that difficult-a week later we were in the interview and it was pretty easy. Now for the fun part…it is free! Apparently, as is done in terrestrial radio, the sessions are sponsored but the time does not cost the participants at all. I highly suggest you partake in this for your business to get the word out as to what you do and how your business fits into the scheme of your locale. When your session is finished they put together a great piece of audio of the session and post it onto their website for you to grab and post wherever you feel it would best be heard.  They even offer you a list of potential uses for it which makes thinking of ways less time consuming!

Answering one of the interviewers questions on DeKalb Business Radio X

Answering one of the interviewers questions on DeKalb Business Radio X

I have this link for you to hear a portion of the interview. Between two other businesses and myself it only took about a half hour to record it. Are these only in Atlanta? No. they are all over the nation! If you are interested in more about it go here: Business Radio X  If you want to become a broadcaster with them, they offer franchises too! They supply the equipment and you supply the space. It really is a great business opportunity unto itself if you have the drive and the interviewing skill.

As a media creative, I found the experience to be enjoyable plus I was able to see how other businesses get out to promote themselves. It was fun too to meet them. We all live and work in the area and before this didn’t know of one another…just another great way to network!

Our intimate setting for the interviews

Our intimate setting for the interviews

So, if you’re looking for a new and fun way to promote YOUR business, consider Business Radio X, it could open a few doors for your success!


3 thoughts on “The Power of the Web and Your Business

  1. Hi! It’s your old friend Annie Hansen. I just thought of you and found your blog. I’m going to look into this business radio X. I have an in home studio and would love more VO work. I hope you are well Charlie!

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