The Serious Business of Being a Cat

Serious Cat     It has come to my attention tat the common house cat is a very serious creature. Why? I have no idea but this photo of a serious #Ragdoll certainly conveys this idea. Notice how the paws are gripping the chair. See that stern gaze of those blue eyes. Understand that the totally forward position of those ears is literally seeing all sound as it happens. The focus of this animal is amazing.

We know it is #TT or Throwback Thursday so we decided to capture the page from yesterday’s calendar and share it with you. After we ripped off the previous day’s page and saw this, we just had to grab it with our camera and share it with you. It is captivating. It is sweet. It is a little frightening. Anyway-that is about all we can say about it. Oh and the calendar from which this came is available online if your love of the feline is as ours.

If you would like to order your own copy you may do so here. 365 Cats available at


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