All the Waiting

Through my traffic reporter day gig I got a call from a contact who is a media broker.  She let me know of a potential spot for a #Britishautomotivecompany.  It would run within a series of six# FormulaOne races through the racing season.  It would be a national spot.  Yes, my first.  Not knowing what to charge for such a gig, I quickly texted and called a few friends(female) and asked what that ballpark figure would be.  They all had great ideas and reasons for the amounts they recommended.  I sent off my quote then had a brief discussion with my contact.  He told me that this would replace audio on an existing commercial-yes I had to do a British accent.  Now the waiting begins…my contact is not sure if they will spring for my fee with a redone spot.  The talent from Britain they originally used was asking some huge amount to have it air here in the US…I only hope my fee is within their ideal budget.  In reflection, it is good to have such problems within the field of voice over.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.  I will keep you posted on how the rest of this little story ends…



CSill Voiceovers


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