Learning from Others

Throughout my career in radio and television over the past — ummmm–twenty four years, it has become apparent to me that there are far more of us in the business who have been in it only a little while yet have succeeded beyond myself. I am strictly speaking in terms of notariety AND monitarily. In all honesty, I have floundered as a voice over artist. Why? Basic ignorance, laziness, confusion? Yes. Sad but true. I mean I don’t know how to begin taking on agents, is one even needed in this day and age? I think one is needed in the largest global markets of London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York or Chicago! I believe having an agent gives you some serious status in the VO world. I have had one in the past and it has only helped a little. I say-initially, go it on your own with the online voice over services and do tons of auditions and bid on tons of projects…you will get an incredible amount of practice. Also take five or six acting classes to get rid of your self consciousness, if you had any to start with.

Keep it fun gang!


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